Mobile Access

Better Security

VSA Security Systems, using’s dedicated wireless signaling provides complete protection, even if an intruder cuts the phone line or disables the power. Also,’s patented Crash & Smash Protection ensures that a signal will still be sent to the central monitoring station if your security control panel is damaged or destroyed in an intrusion—you can rest assured you’ll stay protected.

Mobile Apps

With free apps from you can take your security system with you while on the go. Using your BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or other mobile device, you can connect to your home or business security system, control it, and protect what matters most.


Wireless Technology

Our proven technology platform works wirelessly, utilizing a GSM cellular network to maintain a dedicated and secure connection to your home security system—no wires, no hassles. Plus, VSA Security Systems offers the benefit of industry-leading 2-way voice technology to keep you safe in the event of an emergency.


Real-Time Notifications

With our GSM, you can set up real-time text and email alerts to find out about any type of system activity that matters to you. You can keep track of activity on entry doors, windows, liquor and medicine cabinets, safes, drawers, and more.



Video Monitoring

Cellular Network Video lets you see what’s going on from any web-enabled computer or mobile device. Use cameras inside to check up on kids, pets ,visitors, client waiting areas or point them outside to see activity on or around your property, delivery docks, service entrances and parking lots.



emPower™ Energy Management

With emPower by, you can have remote control and intelligent automation of the lights, appliances, thermostats, and door locks at your home, allowing you to make smarter energy decisions more conveniently.

Interactive Services

Stay connected to your business

  • Manage the security of multiple businesses from a secure website – set up unique access codes for employees, search activity history and check in for updates.
  • Set up arming schedules so that your system automatically arms/disarms at certain times each day.
  • Receive daily or weekly reports that show activity for your system.
  • Be notified instantly via email or text message when motion is detected during off-business hours or when off-limits areas are accessed:

Cash Register   Office Doors   Loading Dock

File Cabinets   Computer Room   Data Center

Office   Safe   Inventory Closet